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Paid Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Paid social media is must these days for the visibility of your brand on the social media platforms. 90 per cent of the consumers are spending up to two hours daily on social media not only, but also marketers also says that 75 per cent of the traffic is increased because of paid social media marketing campaigns.

So, social media marketing is playing a big role for the brands. For example you are seeing only two percent of news updates in your news feed regularly but if you do it paid, then its reach organically to the consumer on time.

Whether you are planning for new campaign or want to take benefit from existing one, iTWebSols social media experts are here to help you in finding missing points, increasing in engagement, big leads, tracking setup to content and much more.

You can use the following social media for advertising:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

Why Use Paid Social Media Marketing?

70% of consumers expect business to have a social media presence, and the average social media users spend up to two hours on social media sites per day.

Five reasons to use paid social media advertising

  • Facebook accounts for one in every six minutes spent online
  • 70 percent of the consumer expect that brand has social media presence
  • 74 percent of Twitter users are following the small business for get their latest updates
  • YouTube reaches more 18-34 year old as well as 18-49 year old than cable network
  • 93 percent of the Pinterest pinners used to plan a future purchase

Social media ads not only show your post to the target audience but also increase your branding and awareness. Paid social is also a micro conversion, in trials, free sampling, or driving traffic to your webpage case.

If you want to take maximum benefits from social media paid campaigns then your campaign must be the combination of forms like, media ads, TV ads, Newspaper Ads.

Social Media Ad Platforms

In Paid Social Media, there are many platform by using you can reach to your desire goal. Each platform has its unique value, different audience, and also different purposes. We can give you complete guide on track and test of social media campaigns, including;

Facebook Advertising

Facebook has both options for the campaign format, you can choose either text or image which is suitable for the advertising for maximum engagement. You can select audience, location, gender, interest and cost.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world today and has large adult audience than any cable network. Over 90 percent of the users said videos play very important role in their purchasing decision. YouTube also has option to target audience, location, gender, cost and many more.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter platform allow you to choose purpose of campaign, such as tweet engagement (retweet, favorites, replies), webpage clicks, app installs, follower increase, or even leads, and best option is you are charged when any one action happens. Twitter also give you option for daily budget and action cost.

LinkedIn Advertising

In B2B relationship, social media play a very important role, 64 percent of brands follow other same business on social media. LinkedIn platform Ads give you option to connect with customers. There are two types of advertisement in LinkedIn; cost per click and cost per mile.

Paid social benefits

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram have same objectives;

  • Increase traffic for your website
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Boost engagement with your page or posts
  • Increase app installs
  • Increase conversion

But LinkedIn have only

  • Increase traffic for your website
  • Increase page or post engagement
  • Lead generation

Reach more customers

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