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Our Strategic approach to PPC

If you are looking for talented, experienced and advance PPC agent, iTWebSols can help. PPC (Pay Per Click) is a form of advertising marketing channel for website, and online marketing strategy use this key tool. Magazines are used advertisement of products which you want to sell, in the same way PPC is the method to place the advertisement over the websites search network, normally Google. This is the best way to bring your website on the 1st page of Google ranking.

How does it work?

It’s an auctioning type model that allow the advertisers to bid according to their budget over Search Network. When a user query a particular keyword or phrase within a Search Network, you can see sponsored search result are displayed. Google show this result in the top of the page in shaded box and down the right-hand side of the page. These search results are links which take the user to the particular webpage.


If we managed properly then PPC is much targeted model. Google system allow us to define keypharases and negative words. Targeting option allow your ads to show on various devices and location specified in the campaign. Scheduling option is also available that offer your ads to show in your open business hours. There are many other features that allow the ads to reach the exact audience at correct time.


Conversion tracking allow us to check what your ads output by getting rom your PPC advertising. It’s also allow us to see what happened after user click on the ads. All the information like, sign up, newsletter subscription, product purchase and many more are received via PPC system.


One of the most advantage of Pay Per Click is that advertiser can set daily budget, means after review the running campaign he can in position to set monthly budget over customer conversation. We charge for management time that manage and optimize your PPC campaign and provide you best reports and suggestions.

What is meant by PPC Search Advertising?

Search advertising gives you more budget option when we talk about marketing. When a user query for keyword or phrase according to you campaign the as soon as possible you ads show there in search engine. It also allow you to whom you want to show your ads via instant search results in Google system. It show the result in the top of the page also sometimes in the bottom. You can easily identified in the search result whether result if paid or free by small green ‘ad’ symbol display there.

Ad Rank is the base of placement of ad. Its all base on quality of the ad copy, quality of the keyword, relevancy of the ad and quality of the landing page. This then takes into account advertisement quality is necessarily not the high biding.

What does PPC Search Advertising consist of?

There are many benefits to advertising on the search network:

Quality leads – the user query is manual and they are active user the users this lead to the sale of product and boost chances of a conversion

Measureable data – tracking of you campaign effectiveness and quality of keywords you choose are available in PPC system

Budget option – vast options for budget setting are available in the campaign’s keyword. There are less chances to get maximum targeting audience but system allow you to set and find them with ease

Advertising over the PPC search network is budget friendly option when it comes to trying boost maximum conversion rates. It bring traffic to your webpage according to define keywords in campaign.

What is meant by display advertising?

In PPC display advertising in frequently terms as remarketing. Its allow you to display ads on user base interest and content on the webpage (contextual advertising) or base upon search patterns. You can add trailer of your ad according to user requirement. This is the best suitable method to bring back your customer to webpage if they have not done transaction yet. It your customer was in transaction process and left you can bring him back by this process.

If you have wish to upsell goods to customer then display advertising is the best option. If the customer booked for holidays then you can offer him there other services also. Do they require arrangement of transfer, car rental, travel insurance, during travel and many other possibilities are endless! Research shows that 70% user are likely to convert if remarketed properly. Display ads receive more interaction of user as there is more opportunity to show.

What does display advertising consist of?

There are wide ranging benefits to an effective display campaign:

  • Brand awareness – if the display campaign is effective then awareness of brand boost have more chances. Ads are show to that customers which want that product or services
  • Retargeting – when you see customers come your webpage and started the conversion process then you can remarket the good to them
  • Brand exposure – target audience and visibility of the brand increase in sale of brand. Advertising usually show to the audience which already not aware with service of yours

In summarized we can say Display advertising in PPC can be very beneficial in boosting your conversion rates and also boosting a brands exposure and awareness.

What is meant by remarketing?

Remarketing in PPC means marketing of product or services to the customer who have already visited to your webpage. This is get by placing code in site pages, reviewing customer behavior or by cookies. For the customer back in you designed to tempt. It can be clear by example; you have a shoe shop, customer comes there and check a pair of shoes but did not covert. Then you place the ads that appears to the users to return and complete their conversion.

If a team successfully use this tool its very effective component for PPC. The whole process of this is done because of those customers who have come to you but did not completed the conversion. Basically this is the comparison of brand new users to your site. You can find them via too many ads, few ads have low interaction and not give opportunity to filter like these users.

What does remarketing consist of?

There are five different types of remarketing:

Standard remarketing – this form of advertising is that you show the ad to the peoples who have already visited you webpage. These ads usually show to them via Google Display Network apps and on social media.

Dynamic remarketing – this form of advertising is that you show the ads to visitors that are directly suited to them. Like clothing ads are show to the people who have already viewed.

Remarketing lists for search ads – this form of adverting is that you customized the ads for those who have already visited the webpage in the past. This is very useful for those who not conversion with you and again searching same item on Google.

Video remarketing – this form of adverting is that to shows video ads to customers who have just viewed one of your videos or visited your site.

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