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Recently we received lot of questions and quires regarding WordPress, many of most essentials assets of business, one is WordPress. If we recommended it #1 platform then we are not alone. Today, 61.8% market shares are used by WordPress base CMS, according to information by W3techs. So that is why WordPress is most popular platform and these are the BASICS you need to know?

Before we start you need to know difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

The main difference in both is that who is hosting your website. With WordPress.org you have your own hosted website. We recommend this option because its professional. Whereas Automatic is a company of which WordPress.com use its blogging hosted services. It has limited features and your website URL include wordpress.com. In this article we are discussing about WordPress.org.

Benefits of WordPress Website

Fast and Easy Website Setup

As you finish your morning coffee, your website is live and created by using WordPress. One-click-install option for the WordPress is given by many companies, means only 5 minutes are required to create your website. Then second thing comes, selection on theme and adding content.

If you are not technically aware, don’t worry WordPress is very easy and simple to use. WordPress have a huge community where you can find all your quires like how to install WordPress to how I can create a membership via using Google search.

Your website, You Style

There are thousands of theme which are available totally free, means it makes easy to find a best one according to your business and brand.

One of the easiest way to find the theme just visit http://wordpress.org/themes/. If you want more customization, many theme offer options like drag and drop editing of layouts, colors and many more, but if you want something more than iTWebSols have WordPress Developers, they can help according to your requirements.

If you want premium theme, you can visit.

With these websites, there are many themes available which are paid. These themes have foundational elements which are required to build a strong website. These provide you a facility of good starting point.

When you are reviewing a theme remember to consider your needs.

  • Theme must have proper widget areas.
  • Theme must have advance features.
  • Last, must have all the options which are required to fulfill your goals.

Plugins Add Greater Flexibility

Currently there are over 54,000+ plugins with more than 1.5 billion total download in Plugin Directory. If you in stuck and in any problem there is a plugin for you.

Themes and plugins combination makes a perfect WordPress website for your business or brand.

How can you keep secure your WordPress website?

Your WordPress website may get hacked, they are no more dangerous than other websites. The main issue is that WordPress is open source and all the code of website can be get online, even the bad guys who spend all their time for such activities. Huge popularity of WordPress make it easy and you hear about this on regular basis.

It doesn’t mean that WordPress is unsafe. There are security option which can be easily implemented to secure your website and reduce chances of get hacked.

Keep Your Site Up to Date

It is a biggest risk if we talk about security. New issues are discovered on WordPress themes and plugins on daily basis, and if your website is out of date then it is on high risk. Hackers always search websites which are outdated so that they can easily attack on that, so keep your website up to date. These updates include plugins, themes and WordPress software itself. This is done with only few clicks.

Use Strong Passwords

Second option for security comes to password. Hackers always in search on weak and regular usage password. This can be simply done with chosen of good password. Ideally, your password should be;

  • Be longer than 12 characters
  • Contain upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols
  • Never be used for more than one site

Be Smart About Your Hosting

Unlimited bandwidth, space and domain – all in only 8$ per month. You probably seen these hosting account offers with different companies.

Here is some problem. These types of hosting is shared hosting and the have hosted thousands on websites on single server. As crowded people classroom can easily spread virus, so huge hosting at one single shared account can cause website hacked.

So don’t look cheap hosting package, choose the host which allow you to isolate each site on its own cPanel. This is the best method for the high security of website.

In the end, if we summarized all then, choose the best hosting company and plan, keep up to date your website, use strong password, if you do all then you’ll be well ahead of the curve on this.

SEO Tips for WordPress Sites

Former Google webspam team head, Matt Cutt, said that “websites which are built in WordPress are capable of high ranks in search results, because CMS look after of all the 80-90% of Google crawling issues.” So WordPress platform is SEO friendly!

Basic SEO is: create a websites that is easy to navigate, search spider can easily reach to them, site using good keywords which have good places in Google search engine and the can be find easily.

If we use WordPress built-in menu function and widgets built a website it can be easily navigate.

Your navigation bar refer to your top pages of website like, contact us, about us, term of use, privacy policy and many more. You can put these pages in navigation bar or side bar so that user can easily get them.

Site Structure

This tells about the code behind of your site. It should be fast loading, clean, simple, easy to read and compiles according to latest HTML versions. Again, if you not up to date your WordPress them your site structure is disturbed.

Keyword Usage

If you want your page rank in Google then you have to use keyword on your page. The question is that where and how can we use these? To Start, you will want to use keywords;

  • In the title
  • In sub-headings
  • In the first paragraph
  • In your image alt tags
  • In your meta description

Beside of only using keywords also use some synonyms. Google can easily understand the page that is has not only use keywords but also related words.

That’s it! Even if you are not a web designer you can build a nice site with WordPress.