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An eCommerce website is basically a shop window for your business. It’s a shop which is open 24 / 7 with customers arriving and leaving throughout day and night. eCommerce websites requirements are carefully throughout; initially its design process phase, then development and post launch analysis of user actions, each and everything must be considered. eCommerce website online store is more than just a website with checkout or buy now icon, it’s a center which provide user with online shopping experience, appeal them to make a purchase, revisit and buy again.


Our developers are fully trained and experienced in leading web and eCommerce frameworks and we typically build eCommerce platform using WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento. All our eCommerce build platforms are integrated with internal stock control system if required we make sure the systems we build are sale-able and as future proof as possible.

Typical eCommerce features

  • Products management (add, delete, update)
  • Show related products for maximum sale and user engagement
  • Customers reviews
  • Checkout system
  • Unlimited products
  • Easy and simple online shopping system
  • Customer account creation system for personal information storage
  • Product search facility
  • Product multiple photos facility
  • Promotions / customer discount codes
  • Social sharing facility
  • Stock control
  • Plus many more exciting features and extension


WoCommerce and Magento both are open source platform which means they are totally free. Whereas Shopify starts with 29$ per month. The plus point of Shopify is that it includes the hosting while using Magento and WooCommerce you need to pay third party hosting and management. Magento also use enterprise edition if you are planning something huge its cost not available openly.


All the platforms have high security available with them. 79$ per month Shopify available plan have fraud analysis which leaves basic users at a disadvantage. Magento comes with strong security by its manual patches which are installed by experienced developers. WooCommerce gets it security by WordPress. Most of the security patches are comes with WordPress updates.


The source code of Shopify is not available to the developer, so you have to work with pre-built features. WooCommerce and Magento both are open source and built in php which gives ability to the developer for customization.

Payment Gateway

All the platform gives opportunity of payment gateway for whole transaction. Shopify gives 70% payment option with third party gateway. Shopify commission ranges between 2% to 0.5%. Magento and WooCommerce have primary payment option with Paypal.

Themes and Add-ons

Magento and WooCommerce have huge library of themes and add-ons. Whereas in Shopify, in case of premium theses are consider costly starting from 140$. If we compare add-one WooCommerce comes with 29000+, Magento with 5000+ and Shopify has just 150 addons.


Magento have cart tracking, coupons and discount options which are not available in both Shopify and WooCommerce. Its makes Magento more functional as CMS eCommerce Store. But it costly because for Magento development you need a highly expert developer. Shopify and WooCommerce don’t need such as technical experience.

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